Black Belt Club Starter
Padded Helmet, gloves and escrima stick

11486ActionFlex™ Headgear

*Adjustable rear strap with hook-and-loop closure provides a secure fit
*Features high-density impact resistant foam
*Face cage provides additional coverage

Sizes: S/M, L/XL
Color: Black

11488ActionFlex™ Gloves
*Features high-density impact resistant foam
*Provides maximum coverage from wrist to fingertips
*Double stitched knuckle joints for superior grip
*Perforated padding provides high ventilation

Color: Black
Sizes: S,

147011PCentury® BRAVE™ Forearm Shield

  • Built for partner training
  • Handle and web strap offer a secure grip
  • Lightweight foam offers impact absorption
  • Composed of durable polyurethane for everyday training
    Sold individually

    Dimensions: 15

  • 1023Oval Hand Target

  • Oversized hand shield is ideal for working on accuracy
  • Three web strap handles and one clear PVC handle provide a secure fit and comfortable grip for your training partner
    •Made of thick foam covered in black vinyl for durability

  • 12821ActionFlex™ HIT™ Series Escrima

    •Great for practical weapons training
    •Rigid design mimics true stick fighting
    •Incorporates the padding of traditional ActionFlex weapons
    Sizes: 24", 26", 28", or 31"
    Color: Blue

    12820ActionFlex™ Escrima

    Sizes: 24", 26", 28", 31"
    Colors: Black or Red

    12686ActionFlex™ Swords

    Sizes: 24", 34", 40"
    Colors: Red or Black

    124401ActionFlex™ Staffs

    Sizes: 4', 5', 6'
    Colors: Red or Black

    12823ActionFlex Sci-Fi Battle Saber
    Made from the same durable, shock-absorbing materials as the ActionFlex swords you know and love; these new swords feature a futuristic impact handle. Designed to allow students to spar and practice without holding back and without the dangers of live we

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